The SCC Snow Camera

Whenever a major weather event is expected to hit the Central NJ area, the ALEX SnowCam is put into service so that those interested can see how the Rutgers campus is faring. The snowcam last captured images for a storm which hit the area on March 14, 2017.  It wasn’t quite the blizzard everyone said it would be, but we’re combing through the captured images now to see if they are interesting enough for a time lapse.

In the meantime: The SCC SnowCam captured images of a storm which hit the area between January 22-24, 2016.  Here is a 48-hour time-lapse of the storm’s progression.

When a winter storm is imminent in Central New Jersey, this page hosts a live (within 2 minutes) image of the corner of College Avenue and Senior Street in New Brunswick, NJ as seen from the Scholarly Communication Center, Alexander Library.

Information about the snowcam setup is here.

Current weather conditions for the SnowCam coverage area:

During the winter storm of January 26-27, 2015, the camera recorded a total of 1,361 images over a 48-hour period. It captured images of the storm’s progression, and of life on the campus during the storm – from bustling, to quiet and desolate, to signs of life as the snow melted away.

The storm turned out not to be severe as predicted, but still proved to be a good demo of a setup for both showing live conditions, and gain data for a time-lapse storm progression.

Here’s a time lapse movie of the January 26-27, 2015 winter storm: